• DHS Mission Areas. Real-Time Information Sharing

The National Response Frameworks cover PREVENTION, PROTECTION, MITIGATION, RESPONSE, and RECOVERY. The problem is no one platform exists to assist and facilitate the success of all FIVE Frameworks – That is, until now! You don’t have to imagine any longer the possibilities of having your personnel, information resources, real-time sharing and collaboration in one place. Your spectrum of devices, mobile, desk, tactical and others can now work in coordination with REAL-TIME information collaboration and media (images, video, voice).​​

  • Solution:

    Secure Cloud-based multi-media collaboration provided by Intelligent Social Media can change everything. Real-time collaboration, information sharing, multi-media tools, such as video conference, broadcast, media sharing, document storage and sharing, tactical mapping (on-the-fly) and much more are only a click away. ​


Intelligent Social Media has been used during Ardent Sentry 15 and other exercises, by NORTHCOM, San Diego State University (Homeland Security Programs), multiple agencies and even exercises involving the U.S. and Mexico – in Real Time. It works! A social network experience requires minimal training and immediate up-time. The culture of the platform allows multiple operations and focal points to be addressed in real-time and at the same time! Good guys win!

  • Mission Goals and Objectives:

  • Multiple Executive Orders

  • Strongly addresses three of four capability gaps as defined by IFAFRI (The International Forum to Advance First Responder Innovation - DHS S&T)

  • Signifcant force multiplier and support for National Incident Managment System (NIMS)

  • Enables Incident Command System (ICS) in support of mutual aid, resource management and operations

Some of the Federal Standards ISM supports are clearly communicated in:​
National Incident Management System / Incident Command System​
National Emergency Communications Plan & SAFECOM​
2014-2018 Homeland Security Strategic Plan​
9/11 Commission Report / FirstNet​
DHS S&T International Forum to Advance First Responders​
Homeland Security, Mobile Application Adoption Best Practices​