What is ISM Education?

Critical Connections

Leveraging best practices and patterns of social media, ISM enables real-time information exchange for operational readiness and advantage. With tools built for real-time incident management as well as lessons-learned retrospectives, the ISM SaaS provides immediate force enhancements through intelligence-led operations.

Focused Mission

The ISM platform provides device-agnostic intuitive collaboration in a hardened and secure environment.


  • Laser focused on creating operational efficiency, the ISM platform provides device-agnostic, intuitive collaboration, in a hardened and secured environment. 
  • With tools built for real-time operations, incident management, daily collaboration, as well as lessons-learned retrospectives, the ISM PaaS provides immediate force enhancements through intelligence-led operations. 
  • Intelligent Social Media allows for total situational awareness 24/7. Agencies and organizations are realizing that the time saved by empowering people with real-time information, saves money, time and even allows the platform to quickly pay for itself! 

Faculty / Staff Collaboration

Want to see your school’s efficiency and effectiveness increase exponentially?  ISM creates a more effective and efficient work force by using a secure, scalable cyber platform that eliminates the learning curve for most faculty and staff.

Parent / Teacher / Staff Collaboration

Data and information tempo acceleration means cost savings, increased operational efficiency and effectiveness. Never miss a meeting again! Involve parents as a part of your educational solution and growth experience for students. 

Efficiency, Growth & Lessons Learned

With tools built for retrospective analysis, the ISM SaaS provides immediate force enhancements. This means your organization or institution learns in real-time and efficiency grows as your people Engage.

Multi-school Campus Networking & Collaboration

Secure cloud-based multi-media collaboration and information sharing is essential to successful education and training. Don’t believe the “old school” myth, when it comes to next-gen education!

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    • Real-Time Information Sharing & Collaboration

    • Faculty / Staff Collaboration

    • Multi-School / Campus Networking & Collaboration

    • Secure Platform, GovCloud & Mobile App

    • Parent / Teacher / Staff Collaboration

    • In-Service Training & Support

    • School Resource Officer & Safety

    Real-Time Information 
    Sharing & Collaboration

    Real-time access to shared experiences. Best-practices supports operational efficiencies while encouraging vital collaboration across teams and functions.

    “Real-Time” Saves Money & Time

    • Access to real-time information drives critical decisions and organizational operations.​
    • File and media management.​

    Information Sharing Creates Efficiency

    • Cross platform connectivity enables teams and ad-hoc groups that are geographically dispersed to collaborate for success.
    • Record video conferences and classes for archive and later recall.