• Challenge: Managing Mission-Critical Information for Business Continuity

Intelligent Social Media allows owners, managers and employees total situational awareness 24/7. Business continuity and optimized efficiency through real-time data could mean the difference between success and failure, profit and loss.​

  • Solution:

    A Secure, Scalable Cyber Platform that eliminates the learning curve for most officers and personnel creates a more effective and efficient work force. Most people are familiar and competent on some level of social media platform. Because of this social-cultural dynamic, ISM has very little learning curve and will be in use and effective almost immediately.​


1. Real-Time collaboration, information sharing and operations support - all in one application.  Planning, Policy Compliance, Public Relations, Supply Chain Visibility... All saving time, money and enhancing focus, efficiency and budget support.
2. Data and information tempo acceleration means cost saving, increased operational efficiency and effectiveness.​

  • Mission Goals and Objectives:

  • Business Continuity

  • Policy Compliance Across Locations

  • Unified Messaging and Public Relations Alignment

  • Supply Chain Visibility for Improved Efficiencies and Opportunity Identification