Intelligent Roll-Call



• More Time on the Street

• Increased Man-Power

• Immediate Information to the Beat

• Geo-Tagging & Mapping


• GovCloud Certified

• Real-Time Security SaaS

• Social, Video, Audio, Mapping

• No Comingled Data

• Companion App for Real-Time Communication

Groups and

• Intelligence-Led Policing (ILP)

• Investigations Real-Time (24/7)

• Multi-Agency Real-Time

• Facilitate NIMS/ICS


• Activity streams

• Media sharing

• Supporting interactive collaboration and collective storytelling.

• Roll-call

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Critical Connections.

Direct Communication

Delivering strategic and tactical real-time information is core to the platform’s ability. Based in an intelligent, and simple to use social format, ISM provides leaders, administrators, operators, analysts and support personnel the ability to share, collaborate and disseminate critical information on the fly – or in records (archives) format. ​


If secure, real-time collaboration through an intuitive integrated platform across devices, with ubiquitous availabilty could help your agency, reach out to us today. We want to be a part of your success!


24/7 communication

• Intelligence-Led Policing (ILP)
• Investigations Real-Time (24/7)
• Multi-Agency Real-Time
• Facilitate NIMS/ICS

Save money

Intelligent Social Media allows for total situational awareness 24/7. Agencies are realizing that the time saved by empowering officers before they ever have to stand for briefings, roll-call or other information events, actually saves money, time and even allows the platform to pay for itself!​

increase manpower in real-time

Using the ISM platform, we can share all sorts of useful information department wide. It has enhanced our ability to fight crime and the ability for criminal intelligence to be posted for every department member to see. The ISM platform has even changed the manner in which we hold patrol briefings or ‘roll calls’ as some call them.
—Sgt. Frank Acuna, Chino Police Department

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