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 Intelligence-Led Policing (ILP) 

ILP is a lot of different things to a lot of different departments across the United States and Europe. However, there is a single point of fusion that crosses all of the models and approaches. Collaboration and moving information as close to real-time as possible is key. ISM’s ability to form Groups and associated operational tools on-the-fly provides any size agency the ability to establish real-time awareness and information sharing in support of ILP. There is almost no learning curve! From Roll-Call redefined, to projects and training, to investigations and intelligence, the tools in ISM provide agencies a next-gen approach to ILP and community policing. 


Investigations Real-Time (24/7)

Increase “Case Solved” numbers quickly! You won’t have to wait on needed information anymore! Bring the agents, detectives and officers into your group or set up a special collaboration group on-the fly to support your investigations. All of your information in one place. Manage your files, documents, media and move communications with peers, partners and command in real-time and securely. ISM provides the next generation of how-to on conducting investigations. 


Multi-Agency Real-Time

Existing Ism customers have the option (for free) to set up an intelligence sharing network that can support multiple agencies. The Fusion Centers provide a valuable service and have done some really great work. But, how would you like to have real-time information sharing among agencies in your region or even across the nation in support of task forces or larger operations? You can now! ISM  provides you the ability at a very low cost to participating agencies to share information and to do it securely and efficiently. ISM has created the next generation approach to the way information fusion is done. You can be moving real-time intelligence and sharing among multiple agencies in minutes! 


Facilitate NIMS/ICS

NIMS and ICS are a great way to help organize and run operations during a disaster or major event. ISM  provides you the tools and security you need to facilitate NIMS / ICS in real-time and to do it efficiently and cost effectively. Whether you need inter-agency collaboration or in-house collaboration between units and divisions, ISM provides you the ability to move information fast, efficiently and without the hassles of forms and paper chasing. Yes, ISM can provide you reports and other associated documentation to support your ICS process, but it also takes you to the next level of information sharing and can take load off of radio and even eliminate the need for radio bridging between agencies. If you want to take your agency to the next level and see your NIMS and ICS program prosper and flourish, you’ll want to get into ISM immediately!  

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