Integrated Platform

GovCloud Certified 

You won’t find this level of security or capability in many private sector entities serving law enforcement or first responders. We were one of the first private entities on the GovCloud serving law enforcement. Contact us to learn more. The video here, as well as the GovCloud website will provide you more valuable information as you move closer to the future and skillfully evolving your agency by using ISM in support of your operations. 

Real-Time Security SaaS

The ISM Team is top in class! Partnered with the Speed School of Engineering at the University of Louisville, KY, ISM has developed some of the strongest, most stringent security protocols in the industry. We are CJIS compliant and have begun moving toward certifications for FISMA, FirstNet and Small Business Certifications. We will gladly host a call or meeting to allow you or your IT Team to see “under the hood,” and to discuss how our security posture can help meet your cyber security needs and directives. Because we are more than software and our team are constantly deployed in support of the platform and security, your organization will benefit and force-multiply your efforts by working with us. Stronger together! 

Social, Video, Audio, Mapping

ISM has the best of class media resources to support your operations. One click video calling, audio sessions, broadcast and even screen sharing. One click! Secure. It belongs to you and your data is yours. No other platform on the market offers you all of the operational resources that ISM does. There is a serious issue rising as agencies align with open platform services. Oddly, a huge focus has been given to video meetings and video conferences. ISM has all of these capabilities, but what makes us different is our secure platform and even our user experience. If you need HD video and audio and your organization requires secure communications, ISM is for you!  

No Comingled Data

We really don’t get this – or why this is even “a thing!” Why would a government or business organization use a platform that allows for commingling of data? Why would an organization that requires security allow their information to be shared or sold as a part of the user agreement?  

ISM provides our customers complete security and autonomy of their data and sites. You own your site and data completely.  

Companion App for Real-Time Communication

ISM has an amazing companion app that provides real-time secure communications and collaboration tools. You can even share files securely on the fly! Want to know what is going on in the field. ISM Go provides command an ability to remain in command no matter what is happening in the field. Video, audio and broadcast… you have it all, plus, chat and document sharing. Documents and images are even stored in a secure file management system that also has the ability to control access. Wow, what’s not to like?! There is no other system like this and no other system that is this cost effective, while delivering more tools and services than any other collaboration competitor. 

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