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Activity streams

There is no collaboration system on the market with as robust or tool-rich activity streams! As a matter of fact, there is no tool on the market that allows you the flexibility or the multiple levels of tools and capabilities in one place and with one click access. If you’ve ever used social media, then Ism has immediate “muscle memory” for you. It’s easy to use and there’s almost no learning curve. Activity streams allow users to collaborate real-time, but also allow operations to be managed from any location and at any time of the day. Activity streams provide a next-gen approach to communications and build on the many lessons learned by agencies all over the nation. You can create a Group to address any operational aspect of your agency or you can create them on the fly to support any level of ad-hoc work your organization needs to address. They can be open, secure and even “hidden” for command and discrete use. There’s no better way to manage communications and collaboration.  

Media sharing

ISM provides your organization the ability to share, file and collaborate on multiple levels of media. Video, audio, images, files and more. You can build and use multi-tiered libraries in the ISM File Manager. Organize your files and media in folders you name and organize! If you are in the field, you can share images, video or files on the fly by using the activity stream, posting to a group or even pass a file or image directly peer to peer  using the ISM Go mobile app. It’s all cloud-based, so your device security is solid and leaves you with no concerns if a device is lost or stolen. Why would a security-centric organization trust sensitive data or images to an open network or a network run by companies with hostile track records? If you need to share, store and collaborate with media, files and documents, ISM provides your organization a cost-effective and secure way to do this right out of the box! 

Supporting interactive collaboration and collective storytelling.

In other words, Ism allows you to build continuity into your investigations, operations and daily communications. Continuity leads to accurate and timely information exchange and dissemination. There is no better way to collaborate. You can share information, collaborate, manage files and push real-time data and communications within seconds. All you need in the way of tools and communications resources, right at your fingertips! One click in most cases, you have what you need no matter where you are, and no matter what time it is!  



We’re not advocating doing away with roll-call or patrol briefings. However, if you want to take it to the next-gen level immediately, ISM is for you! You could skip roll call in the precinct if you want to! This can translate to more time on the street, which translates to increased man-power. However, anther pretty incredible benefit that Ism can provide your agency immediately is the ability to have all of your personnel fully briefed and engaged 24/7. This is real-world, not a sales pitch. We have experienced this in real-world police operations as well as in international exercises. If you want to build a police or first responder organization that is in tune with the next-gen for intelligence led policing or you want to build operational continuity, then ISM is for you! COVID-19 changed everything. Ism was there and supported virtual roll-calls as well as 24/7 information briefings. You can’t go wrong here! Ism is cost effective and can change your operational effectiveness immediately! 

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