Operations Efficiency

More Time on the Street 

ISM has been used to create virtual roll-calls during the COVID-19 crisis. In another jurisdiction, the whole idea of roll-call has evolved to create a strong Intelligence Led Policing model where officers receive real-time information and can access briefings 24/7.

More time on the street saves money and increases manpower needs in a time where departments and agencies are stretched thin. With more time on the street, officers and agents are also able to police “smarter” and safer. Having access to real-time information increases efficiency, but it also enhances officer safety.

 Increased Man-Power 

Because ISM allows officers, detectives, operators, and command to input data, images and engage via media calls and video in real-time, a single officer becomes more effective and efficient. Time lost to radio, mobile or phone calls and meetings can be regained by using ISM to connect and align personnel, teams, units and divisions in real-time. Communications can be enhanced to the level that time management becomes a force multiplier for operations.  

Immediate Information to the Beat

Even the most skilled dispatchers can only get so much information to the street at any given time. ISM allows dispatch, command and even other officers to input and update information in real-time. A more informed patrol division is a safer and more effective patrol division. Situational Awareness is no longer just a buzz word. You don’t have to imagine a time now, when Detectives can communicate immediately with patrol officers, either on the beat or anywhere for that matter! 

Geo-Tagging & Mapping

The ISM platform allows a user to quickly geo-tag his or her location. She can either drop a pin on a map or simply do a “check in” very much the same as on any social media platform. You have to remember though; this is a secure environment and your officer’s information and location are protected and the data is only accessible by your department and authorized personnel.  

Mapping can be used to build heat and crime maps, operational and planning maps or to develop and build a case. The options are only limited to the user and the department.

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