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Integrated online platform
for education, readiness, and real-time collaboration.

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Real-time, cross platform communication
available on all devices

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Intelligent Social Media©, provides Realtime Collaboration for Education and Operations.

ISM is an integrated collaboration platform built with a security-first mindset that is both platform and device agnostic. With realtime activity feeds, rich media sharing, ad-hoc groups, and live video comms that span mobile and desktop simultaneously, your critical training and operations functions can exist across disciplines and geographies.

With successful integrations in law enforcement agencies, collaborative task forces, and education & training, ISM has a proven track record of accelerating critical operations while providing a common platform for information sharing. Deployed as a managed Platform as a Service (PaaS), ISM instances can be live and ready to integrate into your routines within hours and for much less than you would expect.

Please reach out for a demo today, we'd be happy to show you how ISM can revolutionize your educational and critical operational readiness.

Why ISM?

ISM Operations Efficiency

Even the most skilled dispatchers can only get so much information to the street at any given time. ISM allows dispatch, command and even other officers to input and update information in real-time. A more informed patrol division is a safer and more effective patrol division. Situational Awareness is no longer just a buzz word. You don’t have to imagine a time now, when Detectives can communicate immediately with patrol officers, either on the beat or anywhere for that matter!

The ISM platform was built with Operations Efficiency in mind. See how the platform is being leveraged in real-world scenarios.

ISM Groups and Communities

At its core, the ISM platform is built to support groups and communities. Whether it is working groups, academic classes or communities of practice, ISM enables collaboration across ideas. However, there is a single point of fusion that crosses all of the models and approaches. Collaboration and moving information as close to real-time as possible is key. ISM’s ability to form Groups and associated operational tools on-the-fly provides any size agency the ability to establish real-time awareness and information sharing in support of ILP.


Security First

Partnered with the Speed School of Engineering at the University of Louisville, KY, ISM has developed some of the strongest, most stringent security protocols in the industry. We are CJIS compliant and have begun moving toward certifications for FISMA, FirstNet and Small Business Certifications. We will gladly host a call or meeting to allow you or your IT Team to see “under the hood,” and to discuss how our security posture can help meet your cyber security needs and directives. Because we are more than software and our team are constantly deployed in support of the platform and security, your organization will benefit and force-multiply your efforts by working with us. Our Security First model extends to the architecture of the platform, with AWS Gov Cloud at the core of our security posture.

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Demo Sites

ISM Education

Collaboration and continuity for schools and administrators

Real-time information exchange for education and training across geographies and devices.

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Collaboration Platform for First Responders

Real-time information and collaboration are your critical advantages!

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“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”
John F. Kennedy

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